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New faces 'round here!

Spring is always a hectic time for us but this year, we have been especially busy! Since we expanded our vegetable garden, planted fruit trees and put in some strawberries, it has added more weeding and watering time to our already busy work/life schedule and as you can tell by the title of this post, we have a few more faces around here to keep us on our toes!

This is "Mittens"...

...we thought she was just chubby, but Mittens had kittens!!

...and as you can see, we have one elated little girl!

Then, when James came home with this 7 week old Greyhound puppy, I wanted to squeeze the guts outta this little cutie...

...but I had to wait in line while Isabel pet the fur off of her!

I don't think Isabel could have been any happier...

...except, when this arrived today!!

Little yellow balls of fluff!!

...brand new little kittens, a rambunctious puppy and soft little peepers darting around everywhere is more than any little girl could ever ask for!

A few more faces have arrived here as the tune of about 16,000 "new faces"!!

Two new hives of honey bees for our backyard and our fruit trees, flowers and vegetables should be in good shape...not to mention our very own honey next season! These "pets" aren't as cuddly as the previous ones but they are certainly fascinating to watch and are quite interesting little subjects...but that's definitely a post for another time! :)

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