March 16, 2017

 More often than not, you will find my family rooting around in the woods, hiking with a camera in tow or paddling down a river somewhere taking in the beautiful scenery and local wildlife...but, before I step one toenail out the door, you will find me in the kitchen packing a bag full of snacks! 

 These protein bites are perfect to take along on any excursion because they are not only delicious and taste like cookie...

February 3, 2016

 Full of orchard fruit, nuts and honey, this crunchy homemade cereal is a great way to start to your day, excellent with yogurt or handy as a healthy snack when you're flying out the door, shirt untucked and your stomach stomach is always growling so I like to make this often!

 You will need: Old fashioned large flake rolled oats (not the minute or quick oats), Rice Krispies, coconut oil (or the oil...

January 15, 2016

 When the weekend rolls around, there's nothing like winding down from a long week, sleeping in and kicking back with a leisurely breakfast...except, I'm up making the breakfast for the lollygaggers of the house! At least I get to decide what we are having...and one family favourite is blueberry pancakes!

I won't lie, I like the boxed mix because I don't need to add eggs ( if you aren't familiar with my aversion...

May 30, 2015

I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart can spice up your sausages however you like, but we seem to like these the way they are!

In a large bowl, you will need two pounds of fresh, ground pork...I could only find lean ground pork but if you can find medium, buy makes for a less dry sausage patty. We may need a larger glass of juice at breakfast when we eat ours!   

...two cloves of garlic, minced


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