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A Sad but Necessary Blogging Break

It has been so long since I have been able to sit down at my computer and go through my arsenal of photographs or simply jot down some thoughts, but time has not been abundant lately nor have I felt like my normal bouncy, if not sarcastic self, to do such things of late.

I realize this message is far overdue and some may have been wondering whether or not I toppled from the face of the earth but due to an illness in the family, I need to take a break from my posts. I look so forward to resuming my recipes and country living snippets soon, but for now, I feel this is the best choice for me and also my family.

Again, I apologize for the tardy explanation and look forward to catching you all up on recipes from my kitchen, what Isabel has been up to or possibly some shenanigans from Chief...he is still a hooligan by the way!

Take care,

Alana xo

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