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Natural Architects

It never ceases to amaze me, how nature has produced some of the most instinctively creative creatures that to me, are the most ingenious architects.

The spider, not only creates their own "spinning" materials but weaves a web that is strong enough to withstand the strongest winds, and is meticulously designed to catch unsuspecting insects destined to become the next meal! There are no blueprints used here...

A beaver works tirelessly gnawing and gathering building materials for their power tools, laser levels or a Home Depot available to these carpenters!

The caterpillar creates the perfect chrysalis apartment..."built to spec" and always in a designer colour!

No need for an HR department here as thousands of engineers work harmoniously to construct one of nature's most innovative designs!

Next time you are outdoors, take the time to appreciate some of our natural architect's brilliant creations!

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