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Our boy "Chief" is 6 months old now and the cutest, smartest l'il Border Collie that I know...I don't know many Border Collies personally, but if I did, Chief would definitely be top dog!

He seemed to fit right in from the very start and loved his new family...and not much has changed except...

...he might be a little bit of a hooligan!!

He tends to monopolize the hammock space...

...he is a photo bomber, not to mention a spotlight stealer...

...a wee bit of a ball hog,

...and he seems to have one odd floppy ear that we fondly refer to as his "comb over", which makes him look even more like a hooligan than he already is!

Usually after a long dusty day of chasing chickens, he likes to lounge in his pool,

...then obnoxiously shake off onto some innocent bystander!

...and speaking of obnoxious...Red the rooster has his feet full as he is usually Chief's chase mate of the day...all day!

I get the feeling that Red doesn't love this game as much as Chief does!

The fenced garden is usually the only safe haven from him and Red only dares to come out when the coast is clear...

...which isn't often...Chief is never far behind!

Even the chickens head to safety when they see him around...

...and Pippy likes to tell on him a lot,

...and even manages to sneak in some Isabel/Pippy time when Chief isn't looking,

...before he gallops over to get some "cuddles" of his own...usually suffocating and gumming the cuddler!!

Although Chief is a clodhopper, he is our little clodhopper and the most lovable dog we could ever ask for and we couldn't imagine our home without him...even if Pippy won't admit it!


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