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Summer, Isabel & the Countryside!

As many of you know, I have always been partial to the colder months...if you have visited my blog more than once, you have probably heard me whining about the heat!! But...and I know you shouldn't start a sentence with a conjuction, BUT I will have to say, there really is nothing more beautiful than summer mornings, evenings and okay, summer long as it's not hot...and there aren't swarms of mosquitoes or gaggles of people around...then it's great!

The other night, Isabel and I went for a walk and it was so beautiful...the light was just perfect, the air was clear and the sound of crickets in the field were so soothing that I felt like busting out into a contemporary dance routine right there on the dirt road! Isabel on the other hand, didn't share my need for breaking into a free spin!

The only downside of our stroll were the mosquitoes...being the thinker of the group, she grabbed a corn stalk to switch away the bugs...and was even thoughtful enough to look after her ole lady...she's a good girl that one!

...and this beauty! I remember a couple of years ago, my friend Mike, posted a photo on Instagram of one of these wild perennials, "Queen Anne's Lace" and titled it "Snow in Summer"...I thought that was quite fitting since this delicate flower definitely looks like an intricate snowflake preserved and flourishing in the summer sun!

Lots of "snowflakes" in the orange glow of dusk...and to the horror of Isabel, I may have belted out "Summmerrr" like Olaf from the movie "Frozen" just seemed right!

With all of the complaining about heat and bugs aside, I would have to say that there truly is something magical about summer mornings...a fresh new day with crisp, clean air and heavy dew glistening in golden rays...

...and again, nobody around...just me and the chirping birds!

And speaking of chirping birds...get a load of this little gaffer! Earlier in the summer, a tree swallow took up residence in our bluebird box. We didn't even know that she had a family until we heard some demanding hunger tweets from inside the tiny house, then out popped this impatient little tyke...clearly his mother was tardy with breakfast!

I get how he feels, hunger makes me weak too!

Another unamused fella that we met on a walk was this Blanding's Turtle...I can only guess this poor soul's flatline expression stems from the fact that he made the list of Ontario's Endangered Species and threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act ! My guess why, would be due to the destruction of wetlands and idiot drivers! Don't even get me started...this is a whole other blog post, cause I've got lots of words about both reasons!

I will think happy thoughts and show you this photo of some more friends from another countryside walk...these ranch cattle have obviously been with their own kind for far too long...they look as if they were waiting for us to entertain them...

...this one in particular! Even though these guys can't talk, their expressions are worth a thousand words...

...and while I'm on the topic of expressions being worth a thousand words...I feel that this one might express the possibility of shenanigans...what do think?!

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