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Our New Addition!

I was going to post a segment on our little maple syrup operation but that program has been interrupted by the arrival of this little cutie and I just felt the need to brag about our new addition to the family!!

Saturday morning, Isabel and her friend Lily were playing in the back yard when I happened to mention something about a little surprise that we had up our sleeve...I didn't realize that the girls could move that fast as they dove into the car, whipped on their belts and began a barrage of rapid fire questioning, wondering what it could be!!

Their excitement grew as we pulled into the drive of a local Amish farm and were led into the barn where 6 chubby puppy- breath growlers were fidgeting in the straw! A long session of the girls hugging and petting the spots off of the puppies ensued until Isabel finally chose her new friend...a little boy with smoky eyes and fluffy ears!

This little Border Collie, that Isabel named "Chief" (after a ranch dog in one of her favourite Nancy Drew mystery books), is just as cute as a bug's ear!! Chief, arrived home that afternoon and settled in as if this had always been his home.

The bond between man and best friend has already been established and Chief even offered James his paw to seal the deal.

He was an eager little helper on Sunday during a maple sap boil, chewing and bringing us sticks...

...but quickly decided that finding a cozy spot for a nap was much more helpful!

Chief has already mastered the look of a watchful guard dog and takes his duty very seriously...

...and has even attempted his first chicken round up, which ended up as a hasty "tail between the legs" retreat when the hens would have none of it!

I think the look on Pip's face says it all here after the bumbling introduction to Chief...she is just used to a more refined way of doing things!

I don't believe there is anything better than puppy kisses and having a loyal companion to grow up with...Isabel is a lucky girl and will have many adventures and lasting memories with her new little sidekick.

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