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More Thrifty Finds!

Who doesn't love a good thrift shop, yard sale or auction?! I know I do...a couple of weeks ago, Isabel and I went to a local auction for a look around and I scored a box full of these antique kitchen utensils for $6! I know you're thinking "whatchu talkin' bout Willis?!"...but that's no typo! Wooden handled beaters, spoons, spatulas, a flour sifter and sugar sieve, a madeleine pan, parmesan and cheese graters and a citrus juicer...for $6!!

Everything in that box was either made in Canada, the U.S, England or plastic junk in there ready to break a week after purchase...all great quality kitchen tools made to last!

Just after Thanksgiving, I picked up this lamp in perfect condition at a little second hand shop for the bargain basement price of $ tax even!!

Look at the craftsmanship on the base...they don't make 'em like that anymore!

Also, I found this beautiful "Duffle" coat from another thrift shop for $25!

The name of this coat derives from the town of Duffel in the province of Antwerp, Belgium...this is where the material was fabricated for these particular garments (duffle bags were also originally made from the same material). Initially, the duffle coat came from the Polish military frock, developed in the 1820's but soon became the issued garment to the British Royal Navy. After WWII, the coats were available as government surplus stock and became quite popular, especially among students.

The distinctive features which made this coat so popular are the horn or wooden toggles that were simply fastened into leather loops. The hood which was easily worn over top of uniform hats and the two large, deep pockets stitched onto the front of the coat...I was quite excited to find such a high quality garment with such a rich history!

Another classic score are these pretty little birds that I also picked up at the auction.

These semi porcelain figurines, made in Japan, were part of a collection of 30 numbered birds found inside boxes of Canadian Tender Leaf Tea in the late '50's and early '60's.

I picked up the full set of 30 figurines, all in mint condition for $6...Isabel loves these classic little treasures and was quite happy to sort them out by number and guess the name of each Canadian bird!

The same evening that I landed the "bird deal" at the auction, I also got a box full of lovely linens for $40! Beautifully embroidered tablecloths, finely crocheted table runners and doilies, starched cotton napkins and many pillow cases with pretty intricate designs on each set!

...these are just a few of the pillow cases that were in the box...look at the carefully hand stitched designs on the edges of the fabric...

Needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery turn plain, white cotton pillow cases into works of art...I would imagine many years ago, these pieces were carefully wrapped up and presented to a young bride to be at her wedding shower.

It's very sad to me that these thoughtful, handmade gifts are no longer considered appropriate, now that there are gift registries where couples request everything but the kitchen sink! This is why I love rooting around auctions, thrift shops and yard sales because when I find treasures like these, it takes me back to a day when less was more.

* Information source about the Duffle Coat

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