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A few more photos from the countryside...

All around the countryside, there is a flurry of activity as farmers are bustling around, bringing in some of their crops...of course this year, most of them have been down on their knees praying for rain!

Despite the lack of rain, the crops seem to be holding on not too badly.

I love a good field of golden grain...and Isabel loves a good shadow dance!

Stands of sunflowers are getting more than their share of sun this year...

...and fields of corn aren't as tall as they have been in other years with stunted growth and curled leaves but I thought both crops made pretty nice pictures!

Alfalfa is still covering the landscape with purple blooms and my bees are working overtime in our neighbour's fields, to bring in their crop of honey!

...and we have been working over time gathering chokecherries for jelly...well, James was, I was sashaying around taking photos while he worked! One of us has to take the reins and be responsible for this blog's entertainment! :)

How are your gardens and crops doing?

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