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Lazy Summer Days...

I always remember my summer holidays when I was in school to be filled with days of outdoor play...hide and seek in the corn fields, making forts, riding bikes and even sailing homemade boats in the flooded out ditches during a rain storm...those were the good ole days! With so much technology today, keeping everyone inside like vampires, I think it's a good thing to teach our kids the things that we used to do for fun, so they can make memories for themselves and pass it on to their children...I know Isabel is hooked, that's for sure! :)

I don't think there is a body of water that she doesn't want to scour and sneak up on minnows, frogs...

...and the elusive, darty crayfish (or "toe-snappers" as she likes to call them!").

Isabel finds all sorts of little natural treasures like this tiny snail...( I told her that she really needs to stop biting her nails...but then again, that was me when I was her age...nails just got in my way! Lol!)

...she also discovered these turtle eggs strewn around the creek bottom...she was determined to save them and be their new mama!

I have no idea how she even spotted this teeny, little toad but she wanted to keep it too!

Damselflies also kept busy zipping around the riverbank...snacking on pesky mosquitoes that were trying to ruin our day!

As we were wading through the water, searching for smooth stones to add to Isabel's ever widening collection, a deer was also taking a stroll down stream, going on about her day.

All sorts of pretty little wildflowers speckled the riverbank... we gathered up a beautiful bouquet to take home for our many things to see and do outside that we would have missed if we didn't venture out to see what we could find!

I'm glad we have these lazy summer days because sometimes, the simplest things make the best memories.

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