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Classic Finds!

One of my favourite things to do is hop in the car with my little girl and head out for a good ole fashioned treasure hunt! Isabel and I can't pass up a second hand shop, auction or yard us "tight wads" if you will, but nothing beats a good deal! Last weekend, we had some pretty good scores when we hit the second hand shop and a yard sale...I picked up this pretty hand made linen (I think it's linen) table cloth...

...with a beautiful, intricate cross stitch pattern...I can not believe this only cost $4!! When I find pieces like this, for some reason I feel the need to torture myself and envision a little old lady hunched over a table, threading a needle with gnarled, shaky little hands, painstakingly stitching this table cloth for some ungrateful bride-to-be, who will inevitably send it to a second hand store because she doesn't appreciate the HARD WORK PUT INTO IT!!! Phew...I had to get that out...I don't know if that happened or not, but I like to take the dramatic route...and it makes me even more happy and proud that I own it!

I also snagged several yards of wool and denim material for $15!! Like, do you know how much material is nowadays...especially denim and wool?! You may be thinking "big deal!!", but it is a big deal when your husband has been hounding you to make him some clothes out of denim and wool....what he doesn't realize, is that I am NOT a great seamstress, so he might end up with the complete opposite of what he was expecting!

These cute little Asian tea cups were only $2 for all, I just need to start drinking tea!

...and who remembers these little bird figurines? I don't, but apparently they came in boxes of tea (at least that's what the older lady at the yard sale said)...Isabel couldn't pass these up for $1...good score!

...these vintage little tin tops and toy train were also $1 for all three!! When I bought them, I pictured a little boy zipping down the stairs to his stocking on Christmas morning and finding these little treasures...imagine the hours of fun some lucky little tyke would have had with them?!

These retro mini cookbooks were $2 for all three and I think in the 70's my Mom had the Harvest Gold crock pot just like the one on that middle cover...and the Jell-o book?!

...who can forget those majestic towers of jell-o with shreds of carrot and other various vegetables suspended within those molds?? All I can say is...I'm gonna revive those 50's classics on one of my next food posts...I just have to...I have no choice!

A classic find for Isabel was this vintage collection of hardcover Nancy Drew mystery books...these books, according to Isabel are "super juicy!!"

Since we had been scooping up deals for ourselves, we decided that James would love this book about the pioneers that settled on the Canadian prairies...a compilation of short stories written by the actual settlers...this was $3...I can't wait to read it next!

...AND finally, when we were at Value Village, I found this old book, which is a collection of poems dedicated to moms...

...the book was published in 1912...

...and signed by the previous owner's daughter (I'm guessing), back in 1918! I can't believe a gem like this ended up in a second store...especially for $2!! I could launch into another one of my emotionally torturous stories about who owned this book before me, but I will just leave it at how happy I am to be the proud new owner! Has anyone been out treasure hunting lately?

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