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Wildflowers...simple & beautiful

After supper last night, Isabel and I decided to go for a walk and pick some wildflowers for our table. Just a quick walk up our dirt road produced this pretty bouquet. Some people call these weeds but I call them beautiful.

"Tufted Vetch" can't miss it's brilliant shade of violet winding it's way around the vegetation, along roadsides and in fields.

"Birdsfoot Trefoil" is a hardy member of the legume family that grows in pasture fields and since it will survive in poor soil conditions, you will also find this perennial popping up along the roadside.

"Canada Bluegrass"...a sod forming grass....I Googled it :)

...and another sod forming grass that you will find in pastures..."Meadow Foxtail".

...and who didn't hold a "Buttercup" under your friend's chin to see if they "liked butter"?! Okay, I might still do that!

These dainty little biennial flowers, found along roadsides and in open fields, are called "Philadelphia Fleabane"...James told me!

"Red Clover"...a member of the legume family found in pasture fields and a magnet for honey bees!

I don't think this popular little perennial needs an introduction, but the "Daisy" deserves one for it's modest beauty...found along the roadside, ditches and in meadows.

"Wild Roses" of the most fragrant additions to your wild flower bouquet! We found these in the ditch near a swampy area...I'm just hoping that I didn't get into poison ivy collecting them...I'll keep you updated! Lol!'s the simple things that get me every time :)

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