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Picnic in the Woods!

Last weekend, we bundled up, headed out for some fresh air and made our way into the woods...of course, I like to have my camera handy to snap pretty scenes like this one...there is something about water that gets me everytime!

I stood at this particular spot for a while, watching the stream rush by making ice crystals in it's wake...

As I watched, I remember thinking that these icicles looked like a beautiful crystal chandelier.

I love this time of year...not many see the beauty of this season, but I happen to think that the muted colours of the landscape are just as pretty as the blooming shades of spring.

Isabel hitching a ride across the stream so we could continue our hike...I waited patiently for James to come back for me but when they kept trekking forward, I came to conclusion that I was on my own... and James had the food pack, so I hightailed it after them!

Shortly after I made it to safety through those raging rapids (James just rolled his eyes at that), we came to a clearing where Isabel was able to watch several does and 2 bucks rooting around, looking for food...the bucks has lost their antlers and we had hoped to find some "sheds", but to no avail...maybe next time!

We did however, find several deposits of this...if you have ever wondered what deer scat looks like...I am proud to show you right here on "the Rustic wife"...

...and while we're on the topic, moose scat! Looks similar but quite a bit larger than the deer scat...see how informative this blog is?! Betcha' if you were hungry before reading aren't now!

...but I'm always hungry so, I persuaded James that we needed to stop for a picnic...

We, okay "he" built a little campfire (but I helped) to warm our hands and toes...

...and of course, to roast marshmallows. This was a perfect addition to the rice chips, clementines, granola bars and hot chocolate that I brought along! If I learned anything from that movie "The Revenant"'s a) don't get in between a mother grizzly and her cubs and b) never leave home without rations!

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