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Good Scores!

"Photos & Good Stuff!" is a new page that I created to show off some of my photography skills (okay, I've got a good camera, that helps) , good scores at auctions, thrift shops etc. and simply "Good Stuff" that I feel the need to tell the world about (I'm chatty that way!)...I hope you enjoy it and let me know about some of your good finds too!

Last Friday night, I went to an auction looking for some "good scores" and as usual, I was not disappointed! One of the things that I had my eye on were these pretty little fruit nappy dishes made by "Cauldon England"...I snagged all 6 for $1!! (If anyone knows what pattern this is, let me know...I've been trying to find it!)

...also grabbed this "Copeland Spode's Tower" (England) boillion soup bowl with saucer for $2!

..wish I had the whole set...beautiful!

...this wooden coffee grinder for $12...I'm going to buy beans now, it's how Caroline Ingalls would have done it!

Finally, I bought Isabel a pair of snowshoes (her old ones are getting too small), made by "Sports D'Hiver Huron Snowshoes"...I got these for $50! Isabel has already been out using them and having fun and that to me, that's priceless!


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