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Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

A steaming mug of hot chocolate goes hand in hand with my love of cold weather...and if you hate the frigid temperatures, you will really love this recipe to warm you up all the way down to the tips of your toes...especially if you add a nip of Bailey's to your cup!

To make this handy mix, you will need instant skim milk powder (the full fat stuff tends to clump a bit), unsweetened baking cocoa powder, powdered sugar, salt and corn starch. This recipe makes enough mix to store in a large jar for your cupboard...that way, it's a cinch to whip up a cup of hot chocolate at the drop of a hat...a soggy, snow covered hat, that is!

In a large bowl, add 3 cups of skim milk powder...

1 cup of unsweetened baking cocoa powder,

2 cups of powdered sugar...

...2 tsps. of corn starch and a 1/2 tsp. of salt.

Whisk together until all is combined...

...and spoon mix into a large mason jar.

Makes about 5 cups (1200 mls or 40 ounces) of hot chocolate mix.

In a large mug, combine 4 tbsps. of hot chocolate mix,

..about 1-1/2 cups of boiling water,

...and milk to taste.

Stir until smooth.

Add marshmallows and whipped cream if desired...I desire both, but that's just my out of control sweet tooth!

A splash of Bailey's or Kahlua in your hot chocolate, also adds a nice little glow to your winter warmth!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

3 cups of instant skim milk powder

1 cup of unsweetened baking cocoa powder

2 cups of powdered sugar

2 tsps. of corn starch

1/2 tsp. of salt

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk until combined.

2. Spoon into a large sealing jar.

3. In a large mug, add 4 tbsp's of hot chocolate mix, 1-1/2 cups of boiling water and enough milk to suit your taste...stir until smooth.

4. Garnish with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate syrup drizzled over top....Enjoy!

* Note: Mix will keep for a long period of time in a sealed container in your cupboard...but I go through mine pretty quick!

* Makes about 5 cups of mix


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