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Canning?...How to Peel a Tomato!

It's canning season and it wouldn't be fall unless I "put down" some tomatoes, chili sauce and salsa!

I've been asked a few times how to peel tomatoes for canning, so I thought I would do quick tutorial on that...If you are thinking "who does this young chippy think she is, telling us how to do somethin' that we've been doin' since before she was born?!"...then you can skip on through.

BUT, if you are thinking "she really isn't that young, and I have no clue how to peel a tomato!!"...then read on my friend!

First, set up your "work station"...fill one side of your sink, or a large basin or bowl with cold water and have another bowl ready for the peeled tomatoes (you can also have another bowl for the peelings but I just leave mine in the sink until I'm done ...a sharp paring knife and a long handled spoon for fishing those tomatoes out of the water.

Next, fill a large preserving kettle with water and bring it to a boil...when it is ready, set it in the other half of your sink or somewhere close to the cold water. I don't think I have to remind you that it is boiling water (the steam is a dead giveaway) and to be very careful!

Carefully, using your long handled spoon, place some of the tomatoes into the boiling water...let them sit for about 30 seconds...

..then, again using a long handled spoon, remove tomatoes from the boiling water...

...immediately, place the tomatoes into the cold water...this process will loosen the skins and the cold water halts the cooking process.

Using a sharp, paring knife, cut around the core, remove and discard it...( unless you're into tomato cores!)

...and peel back the loosened skins...the skin will basically slip right off. Repeat process until all of the tomatoes are may need to put your kettle back onto the stove to re-boil the water for a few minutes in between batches...

...and there you have it...perfectly peeled tomatoes, all set for canning! :)

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