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Hey...Remember when...?!

The 70's and 80's were a classic era and anyone growing up during that time will likely have some pretty hilarious memories, photographs and stories of fashion and hairstyle disasters! (not unlike my bowl cut above...although, I stand by my "Canadiens" hoodie!)

If this was your time, then there is a good chance that this top ten list might jar some blocked out memories and give you a laugh...or cry!

1. Bowl cuts...I used to wear a towel on my head and pretend it was the long hair that I yearned for! I was dying to get my hands on some of those Cindy Brady, soft yarn-like hair ribbons...the styles I could have done with those!

2.Sticker albums...Nothing better than the old chemical laden scratch n' sniff stickers and you used to walk pret-ty damn straight, chest out when you knew your album contained the ever coveted "google-eyed, puffy" stickers! You would even toy with some envious girls, dangling the carrot of " I might trade"...secretly snickering "as if" to yourself!

3. Skeleton brushes...the ones that looked like a spine and had hard plastic bristles with little nubs

on the ends...just the tool for perfecting the "Farah Fawcett" hair feathering trick...if you had a mullet, this was the only brush for you!

4. Terry cloth volley ball shorts...I mean, if you didn't have a killer bod with flamingo legs, they made you look like Homer Simpson, sporting a pair of tighty whities! Why did we wear those? Why didn't we become a band of sisters to boycott those?!

5. "White Rain" or "Final Net" hairspray...perfect for shellacking your bangs after teasing them into a mile high brillo pad...if the smell wasn't bad enough, your hair would turn into a flattened plastic shield if you were caught in the rain, running to the bus stop!...or, if you dared to venture into the smoking area, you needed cat-like reflexes to dodge any flicked cigarette butts for fear your head would ignite into a Roman candle!!

6. The Pop friend brought this up on facebook the other day and it reminded me of the Saturday afternoons that my brother and I would hop in the back of the truck bed, giddy with excitement because Dad would take us on our weekly trips to "The Pop Shoppe"...there was no "Tab" low calorie cola at our sir, there was decadent flavours such as Lime Ricky, Black Cherry, Cream Soda, Grape, Orange and the last to be polished off...plain "Cola" and the heart burn inducing Ginger Ale!

7. Going to the dump...we were recyclers even back then...Saturday morning, we would load up the truck and drive down the dump road, eager to traipse through the tossed out junk, hoping to find loose change behind chesterfield cushions, books and any other treasure we could take home and polish up...there was no man in a kiosk giving us the green light to "proceed to bin #6"...hell, we launched that stuff anywhere we could!

8. Shoulder pads...I can only really say...why??!!

9. Parachute pants...let's face it...those pants would do jack squat if you were falling out of a plane...the only thing they were known for was the abundance of useless pockets and that signature "sshhtt-sshhtt" sound they made as you walked down the hallway!

10. "Dallas"...every Friday night, we would make sure our baths were done, pyjamas on and the jiffy pop made, so we could gather 'round the t.v. to watch "Dallas" one spoke when this nail biter was on and it was anyone's guess when Sue Ellen would throw a scotch on the rocks in J.R.'s face...we had no p.v.r and spoke all week about what the following Friday would bring...would Bobby and Pamela really divorce...would Gary Ewing, visiting from "Knots Landing", stay and take his cut of Ewing Oil?!...nobody knew, nor could we wait until the next Friday night, where the jiffy pop was hot, the Lime Rickys were cold and a good show on the tube!

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