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Mark your spots!

If you have ever wanted to pick wild is the time to "mark your spots" for the harvest next May!

If you just got excited about the above photo and was in the process of pulling out your favourite asparagus soup recipe and gearing up to forage...I do apologize but I want to show you the asparagus that has gone to seed, which is easy to spot this time of year.

Jot down the general location of this tall, feathery, fern like plant, then next spring around the first week of May (in Ontario), come back to the same will find wild asparagus growing along fencelines and in ditches.

Once, you have prepared your map, go back in early May to carefully root around in the long grass to reveal tender, new wild asparagus stalks...but stay away from my patch...foragers get possesive!

...then, next year you can pull out that recipe!

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