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Gone Pickin'!

Last Saturday kicked off my annual strawberry picking marathon! My friend, Sharon and her daughter Sasha, came along with us (actually, she drove so technically, we went with them)!

The strawberry farm that we went to is a chemical free, pick your own farm that is located just south of the village of Leaskdale (incidently, Lucy Maude Montgomery, author of "Anne of Green Gables", resided in this particular village once upon a time...thought that was an interesting snippet!).

"Spring View Farms" not only grows strawberries but also offers rhubarb, raspberries and an array of other chemical free seasonal fruits and vegetables. A husband and wife team are the owners and operators of this establishment and their dedication to an insecticide, fungicide and herbicide free market should be applauded. As their statement card reads "Residue of chemicals in our food is harmful, affecting the long-term health of everyone, especially our children".

Sasha and Sharon hard at work...

and me, extremely focused with visions of jam and angel cake dancing in my head, while Isabel was "behind the lens" this day, brushing up on her photography skills! I told her to get my good side...I'm kinda shallow that way!

Two varieties of strawberries...smaller, sweet little jewels

...or a larger sweet, yet slightly tart berry (they seemed to taste like "Sweet Tart" candies!)

I tried to walk by this sign and not make eye contact with it, as it states "Eating Is Not Allowed"...darn!

On the way out, I also picked up some fresh honey!

If you are in the area, drop by for some chemical free, farm fresh produce and small town charm!

Spring View Farms...11680 Durham Road 1, RR#2, Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1R2


Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm

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