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Wild Strawberries

Look down...look waaay down...wild strawberries...or "Fragaria Virginiana" as James would likely call them (he really isn't a geek!), are ripe in Ontario!

You will find these juicy little gems in open clearings, fields and in the longer grass of your lawn...providing you don't have a manicured lawn that has been sprayed with weed killer...then you might be outta luck my friend!

These little berries are super sweet and pack a flavour punch for such a little guy. My Mom once gathered enough to make us a pie...that lady had the patience of "Job", I tell ya!!

Wild strawberries are quite small but can be a bit bigger like the ones above...and your picky child might turn up her nose and say "this one is squishy!"...wait a minute, that was a flashback from my childhood...fussy little brat I was...AM!!

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