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"Little tenants"

When you live in the country, there are some things you can can expect clean, fresh country can expect to have a front end alignment done on your car courtesy of the potholes on your dirt road...and you can expect little "tenants" living in your barn!

Isabel is always over the moon hugging and petting the fur off of the barn kittens and I am always under the weather with allergies as she skips in the house covered in cat hair...but that's a small price to pay when her little face lights up as she rambles on about "her babies".

When the barn kittens aren't busy getting mauled by a country kid, or the kid's allergic mother, they are very serious about the "big game" mouse hunt...

...stalking an unsuspecting caterpillar,

or "the ole sneak attack" on a moth, minding it's own business are all necessary maneuvers used to reach their full mouse hunter potential...they really do think they're tough guys,

but... I'm not scared!...unless they had distemper...THEN, I would be scared!

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