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A Spring Walk

On Sunday, we went for a walk north of us to see the wildflowers that are just starting to spring up. As usual, when we go for our walks, I bring along an arsenal of snacks (cause I get cranky when I'm hungry), drinks and this time a woolen toque!

Although the day was beautiful, it was cold, considering the day before we were in shorts...but that's spring in Ontario!

The countryside was brilliant with a hazy pinky/purple display of "Prairie Smoke",

...vibrant orange "Indian Paintbrush",

...the dainty, white flower called the...I'm not sure...I can't find it in our "Wildflowers of Ontario" book! I was on a pretty good roll sounding like a "botanical expert", but I'm too impatient to look really hard...hold the phone, James just walked in with his "encyclopedic" memory of all things wild and told me the flower is called "Field Chickweed".

"Northern Blue Flag" this point I'm just being lazy and forcing James to rhyme off the wildflower names. SInce he's so smart, let's just see if he knows the latin terms!! ...okay, so maybe he does!

Not a sight often seen around here anymore...a herd of Black Angus cattle grazing on ranch land.

Chubby little tadpoles...

...that Isabel was determined to make pets out of!

A painted turtle trying to get warm on a log...and if Isabel owned a pair of chest waders, I'm sure she would have made a pet out of this little guy too!

...and don't ask me how I spotted this moth (James is downstairs now, so I have no idea what this moth is called), but it was hiding out on this leaf almost at ground level...sure glad I saw him though...or maybe "her"?

Isabel took this photo...I wanted to show off her photography skills...lovely little yellow blossoms on this thorn guessed it, he's still downstairs!

Nothing like a good old zig zag, split rail fence...likely about 100 years old...built to last I tell ya! Those were the good ole days!

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