A Winter walk...finally

January 9, 2016

 So far, this winter has been quite green and warm...almost spring in December! Shortly after Christmas, we were finally blessed with some cold weather and glorious snow! I know, most of you are muttering through pursed lips and wondering just what kind of a lunatic I really am...but I love winter!! 

 Since, my whole family loves winter too, I traded my apron for a pair of insulated overalls, plaid coat, a toque and set off on a family walk (with James calling me a hillbilly under his breath).

 Even though, there wasn't a ton of snow, it was still nice to feel the frosty air nip at your face (and feeze your nose hairs...not that I have lots though!) and to hear the crunch of what snow there was under foot...

 ...and to make like an otter, sliding down a snow covered slope..Isabel was much more graceful gliding down this hill than I was!

 The beauty of a snow and frost covered landscape always makes me take a moment to breathe it all in...a fresh white blanket under a clear blue sky, glistening in the afternoon sun...although, it isn't that pretty while trying to maneuver a vehicle through a raging blizzard, I'll give you that!

 ...but still, I am very grateful for all of the seasons that we are lucky enough to have...especially winter!


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